Christelle’s fennel cream soup and pesto scallops

I’m siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick !

I basically spent the weekend huddled in a corner of my couch, hiding under a huge blanket, with a box of tissues, cough syrup, the tv remote, laptop and book handy. Apart from the not being able to breathe through my nose part, it was a pretty good weekend :)

In between liters of home brewed infusion of fresh ginger, lemon juice and honey (which I highly recommend to all cold & sniffles-candidates), I felt like « comfort food ». Something warm and healthy, uncomplicated and most importantly, who would not require any grocery shopping … going out, in the cold, with people brrrrrr! No way!

I had kept in stock Christelle’s recipe: fennel soup (yes, again!) and bay scallops with pesto. I didn’t have bay scallops, just « plain » scallops, but it’s just as good right? … A little mixing, and a bit of toasted baguette later, and I was in heaven.

I’ll refer you to the recipe for the rest, and I will now return to the depth of my couch. I have a few tv series episodes waiting for me … :)

Good Monday everyone!  :)






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